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Auto Collision Repair

Car Restoration Shop for all types of auto repairs — mechanical, glass, body, auto collision damage.

Our state-of-the-art methods of diagnosing and repairing your vehicle are designed for a comprehensive auto restoration so we can get your car back safely on the road as quickly as possible.

Honor, Integrity and Trust

Mena’s Coachworks has the equipment, personnel and expertise to serve your auto body repair needs. We specialize in late model, European, Japanese and domestic vehicles in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Integrity in our services has earned us the trust of our customers. It is an honor to receive referrals to keep us in continuing education and technology.

WE WORK WITH ALL INSURANCE CARRIERS: Geico, Allstate, Progressive, Liberty Mutual, Safeco, Nationwide, AAA, USAA and all other major insurance companies.

Diagnosing the damage and providing competitive value.

At Mena’s Coachworks we spend the necessary time up front to properly discover and estimate the total damage to your vehicle. This ensures that we preserve the safety standards the manufacturer built into your vehicle.

Our comprehensive damage discover process makes sure your car is fixed right, the first time. This process helps prevent delays during the repair and guarantees your vehicle will be returned to you in the shortest amount of time possible.

Repairing the damage to your vehicle

Newer cars have a unibody (one body), meaning the body of your car is the frame.

To repair older vehicles and today’s high-tech unibody vehicles, we use:

  • Highly specialized straightening, measuring and welding equipment
  • Certified, trained technicians
  • Tools for measuring the inner and outer frames

The combination of these is essential in restoring your car to the manufacturer’s safety standards. And these standards are vital. A poorly done or cheap repair will compromise the vehicle’s crashworthiness and put your life at risk.