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Glass work

Most glass customers are often pulled in to aftermarket glass as a low-cost, quick-turnaround alternative. On the road small variations can mean the difference between life and death. The untold truth about windshields is they’re integral to the structural integrity of the vehicle and your best ally in a driving catastrophe.

• Beware: Aftermarket windshields tend to compromise safety
• Beware: The installer can use substandard adhesives and sealants
• Beware: In a ‘drive-in’ installation there is not enough time for adhesives to cure and harden

It is essential that the right materials and glass be used when replacing your windshield. We use only factory-equivalent materials, parts and sealants to return your vehicle to the manufacturer’s safety specs.

Cosmetic Panels & Finishing Checks

Now your vehicle is ready for reassembly. All cosmetic panels and interior and exterior trims are installed. Fluid levels and operation of all lights are checked.